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and my kids thought it was hilarious. But I have to agree, I didn’t like the portrayal of Billy Ray Cyrus cheating in the event. I mean he was caught, but I was surprised that BASS would be a part of a movie that played into that stigma. The Bass West issues they used at the end were very cool, you should use that cover some time, it would be awesome!

TL Idaho Falls, ID

TL - I have to agree I didn’t think it was a great portrayal of a pro weigh in or the going back to the live well and bring- ing the ‘cheater‘ fish up to the stage. Of course on the other hand, it was made for entertainment, and did a good job at that. From our end I think as tournament anglers we all hate the fact that cheating has occurred in our sport. But every sport has had their problems with this, maybe congress will spend 9 million of our money to clean up our sport and get rid of the los- ers. But as my good friend Roy Hawk once told me “just get better than the cheaters and you don’t have to worry about it”. - JC

but I would like to make sure I keep my subscription current.

May/June 2009

opening drives & two-minute EC drills

Los Angeles, CA

EC - Thank you so much for for giant bass the kind words and compliments. We thoroughly enjoy the task of bringing you the best bass fishing magazine we possibly can each issue. Your question comes up all the time so it’s a good one and one we’d like all of our readers to be aware of it’s an- swer. Any question regarding your subscription can be answered by our fantastic office staff of Circula- tion Manager Sonia Cubic and her inside... u.s. Angler’s assistant Julie Mayhood. You can choice email them at either julie or sonia@ coVerAge or give them a call at 1-800-360-7112. - JC

Kevin Vandam

Legends of the Sport

Hey, I rented Bait Shop and while pretty stupid, I have to ad- mit I watched it again! Love that a couple of big names in country made a movie about bass fishing,

July/August 2009