BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 81

There may be no more exciting way to catch bass than with slop baits. Hollow bodied frogs and rats have brought the fun to fishing in the summertime heat. When the weeds are matted and the sun is blazing, grab your frog rod and braided line and get your boat dirty; the big ones live there!

kANJI froG

The ultimate frog for working the mats of weeds or working the open water. Are you ready for topwater busting ac- tion? Well then this is the frog for you.

SPro BroNzEYE froG

The SPRO Bronzeye Frog is the perfect size and style to be fished in heavy cover or in open water. It is designed to cast long distances and specially weighted to land on its belly. It comes in strike enticing colors and is equipped with an extra sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double Frog Hook. The SPRO Bronzeye Frog 65 is debatably the best on the market.

SNAG Proof froGS

From their Original Tournament Frog, to the Pro Series Tournament Frog, Bobby’s Perfect Frog and on into the future, Snag Proof set the frog standard first. The original hollow bodied weedless lures, Snag Proof Frogs are tournament winning lures of the pros, Bobby Barrack, Fred Roumbanis and Ish Monroe all use them to win, find out why.


A frog in name only, the Reins Semi Daddy is built to look like a cicada as it struggles on the surface trying to take flight after hatching. The extra skirt material on the belly of the Semi Daddy create additional disturbance meaning more bass are going to notice this one. It is also designed with a cupped lip to create a spitting sound.


oPtIMuM BAIt coMPANY furBIt froG

In a watery world of look-alike hollow rub- ber frogs, “Furbit the Frog” is a refreshingly individual amphib- ian. Many other hollow rubber frogs you see out there today look a lot like each other, and perhaps Furbit does too.... Until you get to its legs! Its two legs are soft supple strips of rabbit fur.


In many cultures the frog is a revered animal, and our frogs from the Bully Wa family are no different; only these frogs demand respect. Bully Wa are perfect for fishing on top of matted weeds, but our unique keel shaped design makes these frogs walk over open water like no other. They will bully the bass in your lake into striking in various conditions.


SuMo froG

Imagine throwing your Sumo Frog across a 1/4 acre patch of two inch thick moss mat; you might as well be fishing on your front lawn. All of a sud- den five feet from your boat a bomb goes off throwing moss and water in all directions as a 12 pounder literally explodes on your Frog. If that’s the feeling you want, try a Sumo Frog and you may get it.

rAt’N rAtS

Distributed domestically by Optimum Bait Company, the Japanese Rat’n Rats will make you look for the mouse trap in the shed. These realistic hollow bodied rodents feature sharp double hooks, twin blades on the bottom for added appeal and are touted to be one of the easiest walking baits of its type; time to get the cheese, the Rat’n Rats’ loose. • 800-591-7171