BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 80

Summertime is wake bait time, and Bass Tackle Depot has a huge selection of wakebaits to make any bass angler’s arsenal world class. These surface running wide wobblers bring a whole new meaning to aggressive response from bass looking for a big easy meal. Get out your big sticks and braided line; this is going to be a battle!

3:16 LurE coMPANY WAkE Jr.

The 3:16 Lure Co. Wake Jr. is a true trophy bass bait, these wake baits look so realistic that even Osprey and Eagles have mistaken these baits for the real deal. just cast out the 3:16 Wake Jr. and slowly wake it back to the boat over cover letting the ticking and wallowing action of the bait do its job, but you can also dead stick this bait or twitch the bait in one place on the surface for explosive strikes.


The Jackall Mikey is a giant three piece jointed bait! The Mikey will dive up to 3 feet deep and has a very lifelike swimming action. It is the perfect bait to catch that kicker fish you need. The Jackall Mikey swimbait will also create a big wake on surface water as well as a buzzing sound when fished with your rod tip is up. Big baits equal big fish!


The O.B. Minnow offers the best of both worlds. The soft plastic tail gives the action that only a soft plastic swim- bait can provide coupled along with the durable body and sound only found in the hard body swimbaits. Use the bait as a surface wake bait or work it down a couple of feet in the water column either way it will not take long to see why many have kept this one a secret. The hard body comes with a unique hinge system that adds additional action and durability.


The original big wooden wake bait. First hand crafted in 1993, the MS Slammer has truly stood the test of time. The MS Slammer is designed to catch any spe- cies of game fish that wants to eat a large fish. Each lure is handmade and personally inspected by Mike Shaw at each step in the lure making process. The original MS Slammer can be waked slowly across the surface, cranked down to 3-4 feet, or trolled on any combination of long line, lead core, wire, or downrigger.


The Go 2 Minnow from Black Dog Baits is a 6” hand carved jointed wake bait with glass eyes and a lexan tail. When retrieved at a slow pace this bait creates a slow slithering wake and quiver of a wounded fish on the surface, a fish catching commotion that bass love. The Go 2 Minnow can be dead sticked, twitched or waked in and can be deadly when fished slow in flooded timber, around tulles, over sub- merged cover like stumps, rock piles.