BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 8

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I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Byron Velvick story on using Swim baits. I had the chance to meet Byron at the Elite event on Falcon Lake. He was very cool and my 13 year old son quizzed him about Swimbaits, which we have just recently got the hang of. I find your magazine very informative and think it’s the best in publication.

RC Houston, TX

RC - Thanks for the input, Byron is a really nice guy, he has been a little out of the loop since going on to the national scene, but we are hoping to hear more from him this year. If you really want some more great Swimbait tips check out - JC

readers would benefit from, Tony and I will get together with you and put you in print. - JC

Jamie, it was great meeting you at the Fred Hall Show, thanks for telling us about the magazine and the free issue. We just became subscribers and are looking forward to getting more in the mail. You’re right, it really is a great magazine, right up there with Bass Master. Thanks again!

EO Carson, CA

EO - It was great meeting you guys as well. Thanks for the kind words. We kind of think it’s better, but hey, we’re biased right? We do have a few things to work on. But the bottom line is we are striving everyday to build the best publication in the country for the serious bass angler. Hope you enjoy each and every issue, and please drop me a line from time to time to let me know what you think. - JC

Hey guys, my friend Preston turned me on to your magazine, he had an article a couple of issues ago on fishing the Elites. I am interested in writing some articles on fishing down in Oklahoma that your readers might enjoy. How do I go about it?

DH Clinton, OK

DH - Thanks for the inquiry. We do have most of this year scheduled out, but if you have some ideas, you can definitely send them to me at, if they look like something our

I want to thank you for hanging in there and bringing us Western Anglers the news, tips and information that makes your magazine the best around. I have no idea of what my sub- scription status is at this time. Can you please tell me when it expires and when is the next issue due to arrive? I know I missed a couple of issues back when things were a bit hectic



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