BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 79


Kota Kiriyama used the Jackall Swimming Ninja to sack a 35 pound bag during the BASS Elite Series on Lake Amis- tad in 2008 and ultimately ran out of the baits as the fish de- stroyed what he had but he still managed a 12th place finish. The fishing world has been waiting for this bait to land ever since. The natural swimming motion of the bait coupled with a dead stick fall in front of followers was the key to enticing the big fish into committing. At six inches, the Swimming Ninja is sized right to be effective in any region, and besides, the Swimming Ninja is tournament tested and proven to put big fish in the boat!


The SK-Pop Grande is counter weighted and cast like a bullet. It has an incredible spitting action and creates big sounds from a small size bait. High quality finishes and ultra sharp hooks along with a feathered treble. If you like top water poppers you definitely need to add the Jackall SK-Pop Grande to your arsenal.


The Jackall Lures Mudsucker 110 popping topwater bait will imitate an escaping baitfish action that can put neutral bass into a feeding mode. The Jackall Lures Mudsucker 110 allows you to walk the dog but also spits water which at- tracts more fish. The Jackall Mudsucker is the perfect bait to use when a traditional popper is too loud, and a large, cigar shaped walking plug is too large.


If summertime bass are not in the shallows eating topwater baits, then they are holding off deep structure. Many anglers probe that water with deep crankbaits looking for schools of bas on ledges and other offshore holding areas. Jackall Lures Muscle Deep 10+ has a weight moving system that makes this bait cast like a bullet, dive deeper and catch more fish than you had ever dreamed of. This bait also allows you to retrieve with less ef- fort than like crankbaits. What else can you say, better results, less work equals a great day on the water with the Jackall Lures Muscle Deep 10+.


Today’s bass anglers are faced with ever changing lures, lines and techniques. Many changes resulted from someone figuring out a better way to catch a tournament winning stringer or trophy bass of a lifetime. The features and designs you will find on Dobyns Rods came straight from the best bass anglers in the world. We have many of the newly re-designed Dobyns Rods in stock and ready to ship. • 800-591-7171