BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 77

Minda Lures Injured Minda is a one-of-a- kind lure and must-have for every fisherman. This versatile, two-piece lure, hinged at the tail, has the unique ability to create a stationary action. Fishermen can make the lure rock or flip in a stationary position -- and it never leaves the strike zone. Small taps on a taught line causes the head to dip down, giving the lure a rocking motion that imitates a faltering bait fish. The lure can be retrieved as a crankbait traveling from zero to eight feet deep. Depth of the lure can be controlled by the position of the rod tip in relation to the water surface. The Injured Minda can mimic “walking the dog” action without jerking the rod tip (just a half of a turn of your reel). Slightly shaking the rod and cranking slowly can achieve a flutter effect at surface level. Fishing line is threaded through the body and tied to a hinged tail which allows fisherman to work the tail action. This bait is made of ABS plastic and air brushed in life like colors. Minda Lures’ Spear Worms are a unique soft plastic design to the fishing industry. This Lure has more tail than body giving it a completely different look to fish and Produces more water displacement and flash than most soft plastic baits. The broad tail enables a slower sinking lure that triggers more strikes and can be fished with tail either both parallel or perpendicular to the water surface, depending on how it’s rigged. Rigged with the tail parallel, it emulates the graceful swimming action of an eel or large leech. Rigged with the tail perpendicular, it can be used as a baitfish imitation or an underwater jerkbait. Minda Lures Spear Worm is great for multiple ap- plications. Use it as a jig trailer, on a dropshot rig, as a spinnerbait or buzzbait trailer, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or as a deadly teaser for both fresh and saltwater... or anywhere else you need a bait with maximum action and an enticing profile.

minda lureS

Ima Lures and Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis have done it again with their new Rattlin’ Roumba. Like the original Roumba; a wake bait that anglers use to slow roll across the surface over shallow cover to elicit explosive strike, the Rattlin’ Roumba has all of the same charac- teristics, but brings the added attraction of rattles to the equation. “I love throwing the Roumba,” said Roumbanis. “But, there were times that I wanted a little bit more noise in certain conditions. Ima worked with me to bring all of the amazing features of the original Roumba and added the rattles I wanted; now I have a Roumba for all conditions.” The Rattlin’ Roumba comes with quality components including Owner treble hooks, and is available in six totally new colors.

ima lureS

Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon line offers every angler a good all around line they can trust. This freshwater line offers the knot and tensile strength and nearly invisible performance of 100% fluorocarbon line in an economical option everyone can appreciate.

Seaguar red laBel FluoroCarBon

July/August 2009