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Why We love

The West


love West Coast Anglers at How could we not? Some of the best things in bass fishing originated there. Some of the best anglers in the world call it home. A large group of our readers are from there. We truly love the West Coast! The West Coast has it all, drop shot- ting, swimbaits, finesse techniques, frogs and giant bass. Bill Siemantel, Aaron Martens, Skeet Reese, Jimmy Reese, Gary Dobyns, Dean Rojas, Mike Long, Mike Fol- kestad, Gary Klein, Bobby Barrack and a host of other talented professionals who have taught us how to fish differently and go against the grain all are hooked on the west coast and its great fisheries. California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington all have great fisheries and great anglers and the “green guys” get to see new techniques there first. Many new techniques come from Japan, are brought to the West Coast and due to great Internet sites and great magazines like Bass West USA all of us in the east get to try them out. We remember when swimbaits first got started. Many anglers out east thought that they were only a western bait. Now more than ever however, swimbaits have become mainstay baits across the country. A whole cottage industry resulted; Castaic, Huddleston, Rago, California Swimbabes and numerous other companies continue to build state of the art swimbaits; not only for west coasters but for the rest of the na- tion too. Big bass hunters have an addiction to these larger than life baits and people like Butch Brown, Byron Velvick and Matt Newman have used them for both big bass and tournament wins. A new genre of swimbaits has evolved as well. Those once poured like oversized Sassy Shads with boot tails have now be- come works of art and the new baits are so lifelike and swim so much like forage it’s hard to tell them from the real thing. Drop Shotting also was first used in the United States on the West Coast.


This finesse technique gained significant ground on tough fisheries and those that held smallmouth and spotted bass. Big and small bass love the drop shot and bass can be caught in deep and shallow water with this technique. Roboworm, Zipper, Berkley, Poor Boys, all created products specifically for this technique. Most of the better drop shot specific baits are hand poured, which again is a tip of the cap to western origins. While baits are certainly the main at- tention getters for the technique, specific knots, line types and rod selection are criti- cal for this approach, and the west brought them all to national prominence. New techniques were derived from the drop shot including ‘Power Shotting’ with heavy line, heavy weights and larger hooks. A combination of flipping and drop shotting is becoming more en vogue as a result. Heavy pressure on West Coast im- poundments brought the darter head or jig and worm rig, a predecessor to the shaky head. The jig head or darter head tech- nique is a ball or pointed head and a small straight tail worm was used on light line and spinning gear also started out west and became famous the last few years on the FLW Tour. It moved east quickly as a result. If you weren’t throwing a shaky head you didn’t get bit. Great anglers, great fisheries, great techniques and great fans all dedicated to the sport we cover and the one we love. At, we are proud of our new association with Bass West USA. Hopefully this partnership will reap divi- dends for the angling community too. In keeping with the mission of Wired2Fish. com, we will talk about techniques, per- sonalities and products and give anglers the inside track on what is new and what big bass are being caught on. is all about products, personalities and anglers and thanks to Bass West USA for letting us join their pa- rade; it will be a fun ride for sure. BW

July/August 2009