BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 64

Page Arizona was the host of the Intermountain TOC. Anglers from several western states competed fall of 2008 in the US Anglers Choice held event. Popular consensus was the event was an overwhelming success. Incredible fishing, scenery, and perfect accommodations just minutes from the lake. A great debt of thanks goes to the Page, Arizona Tourism Bureau and all the local businesses that took part.

a mythical creature Lake Powell spans out it’s nearly 2000 miles of shoreline across the Utah/Arizona desert. Its numerous arms and fingers offer scenery not found anywhere on earth. At over 180 miles long, this vast waterway stretches from Page Arizona, and winds its way through Southern Utah towards the Colorado border. Its huge slick rock walls rise hundreds of feet from its crystal clear waters. Old ruins from ancient civilizations adorn the shoreline, fossils from prehistoric animals engraved in its red sand stone. Lake Powell is truly breath taking; it’s an




amazing piece of history that draws over 2 million visitors a year from all parts of the world. For the avid angler its 160,000 surface acres offer an abun- dance of opportunities. Striped Bass are probably the most popular species on the lake. Just like the other Colorado River impoundments, Striper fishing is the major draw for most an- glers. But the Largemouth and Smallmouth fishing is nothing less than extraordinary. Typical 5 fish limits are above the line with other southwestern waterways, that is 15 to 20 pound sacks are the norm in the spring then tapering off to 12 to 14

July/August 2009