BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 60

By Garrett Mercer

fishing brings endless possibili- ties and options as far as which techniques we can use as fishermen to successfully target bass. With warm weather creating rising water temperatures, fish are of- ten found chasing shad, baitfish and other types of forage through- out the long summer days. Though fish can also often be caught using a worm, senko, beating bank, or slower presentation during summer, I encourage you to look for schooling or breaking fish as they can offer a fun and alternative way of catching active summer fish.


Fish often travel in schools during summer in search of shad, which they feed off of. Upon finding these shad, they will school around them, while actively feeding on them. This can happen from as deep as forty feet of water (depending on the depth of your local fishery), all the way to the surface. When a bass chases a shad to the surface, attacking it, the fish and bait usually break the sur- face of the water, also known as a break fish. These schooling fish can be as small as just a couple of fish, or as large as even a hundred fish. It’s not uncommon to find a large school of fish chasing bait on



July/August 2009