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it just me, or is everyone else sick of the doom and gloom we encounter every time we pick up the paper or turn on the television? It seems that we have run so far out of anything interesting to report, that all we hear about is the struggling econo- my. The old saying of “if it bleeds it leads” ap- parently now refers to the bleeding economy. When I was in college one of my journalism classes dealt with the different complexities of reporting stories in the media, as we cov- ered everything from the responsibility of the reporter to report the stories, we also looked at power the media has to shape our views. I am not here to say things are great out there, as we have all felt the pinch. For some of us it’s become down right hard. But like all things this too will pass, and sometimes I think the media tends to make it seem worse. This idea of selling airtime and getting those precious ratings sometimes becomes selling fear. With each report Americans tighten up their belts, they stop spending, investing, building, and well fishing! As everyone panics we all stop our normal day to day lives, we forget to enjoy our pas- sions, we cancel those family outings, we put off buying that new boat or rod, to see what’s going to happen. Instead of supporting our beloved teams we become no shows at sports arenas, we don’t tell our usual stories around the water cooler of the weekend on the water or the family trip to Sea World. No instead we all add to the doom and gloom by recounting what CNN told us while having our morning coffee. We speculate on how bad is it going to get? Or who is going to get fired next, and all the greedy buggers that did this to our coun- try. The truth is, we’re all responsible! We all loved watching our home values skyrocket, never thinking twice about all the people that were being priced out of home ownership. We purchased the top selling boats and truck combinations in amazing numbers, never thinking that we were driving fuel prices and MSRP numbers through the roof. Now as reality has set in were all com- plaining, and of course pointing the finger. I listened to an angler the other day pull out of a boat he had on order because of fear. He has the disposable income to purchase his new boat cash. He had a deposit on his old boat and yanked it from the buyer at the last minute. His reasoning he wanted to wait and see what was going to hap- pen with our country. After wasting the time of Ranger, Triton, Skeeter, and yes Legend dealers he pulled the plug. A week later he called me personally to thank us for all our time. During the entire conversation all he did was complain about the home he had contracted to build and the buyers possibly


pulling out! How ironic it seemed to me that he had put a freeze on his spending, and now was complaining that someone else was doing the same. In the end it be- comes a viscous cycle, one driven by fear of the unknown and our media. What is news worthy? Ill tell you! Its something unusual, different, not the norm in society, it’s the things that don’t happen everyday. Just like our economy. This is unusual, but at the same time that’s good news, because it lets us know, it’s not our future, nor our past, it’s just temporary. Now I know we all need to be more con- servative and diligent in our spending right now, but the truth is things aren’t that bad. We live in a great country the finest in the his- tory of mankind. We have cars, homes, cell phones, computers, and technology to save ourselves from disease. We are the most for- tunate people on earth! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. I myself got some very much needed therapy this weekend as I spent 4 days on the most magnificent lake on earth, Lake Powell. I competed with my dad in the last Anglers Choice event of the year, and we did pretty darn well. And while rubbing with the likes of Scott Neilsen (US Open Champion), Gene Covello (Pepper Jigs) and even some of the brass at Yamamoto Baits, the topic of the economic troubles, did arise. But come morning at blast off, and at the 3:30 weigh in, not a one of us even thought about the economy. No it was the monster that got away, the mind-blowing strike on the first cast of the morning, and incredible sunrise we all witnessed! It was being and competing in our element, against rivals and friends, in the beauty of our playing field. We were thankful for the day, our families and friends to share it with, and in a sense we were at peace! For we are anglers, no matter our political parties, religious beliefs, color of skin, it is our passion and it’s what we do. So sure tourism numbers may be down on many of our lakes across the country, fishing licenses, tournament num- bers, and sales are down also. But that should not be the case. Fishing brings us back to our history, it reminds us of our human nature, to hunt, harvest, and win the day. To go out and do battle against the odds and beat nature! It is like a prayer, it’s our hope! I personally, hope you all enjoy this is- sue of Bass West USA. There will be no nega- tives, only the information and excitement to get you out on the water and have the best summer of fishing ever. Get away from the television and remember why we work, its easy to do, you can see it in the smile on your face when you look at the pictures you took from the day. JC

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