BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 59

to have a preferred angle of attack along with a favored wind direction, and that just takes time and experience. “For example, I like to fan cast a brush pile with an 8-inch Triple Trout. I have some herring colors that are killer here and if you burn that triple trout over a brush pile off the end of a point, you’re bound to get a bite from the biggest fish on that brush pile sooner or later. It could be a large- mouth or a spot – big fish love those brush piles.”

“I’ve caught more and bigger fish here in the south than I ever did out west,” Peters said. “There are more 6- to 9-pound fish here and even more double-digit fish. The only thing is you have to target them with the right baits, fish the right lakes and target the high-percentage spots. There’s a lot of opportunity out- side of the traditional western trophy waters. The south, mid- west, and the northeast all have undiscovered potential. “It all comes down to research, water clarity, big baits, the right cover and/ or structure and boat posi- tion. You follow those five rules anywhere and commit yourself to focus on catch- ing trophy fish only and you’ll find the weight in your livewell increasing dramatically.” BW


July/August 2009