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work- i n g o f f - shore struc- ns icatio ture, fa- n u m m SS Co A voring the B / o it igo Sa e S 3/4- or 1-oz f o r tesy u o c o models for Phot this duty. For water less than 10 feet in depth, he may go with a 1/2- oz version. As for how he works the football jig, Niggemeyer says, “I’m a dragger, not a hopper. The cover it contacts is what gives it action. If I’m in contact with rocks, I might shake the rod tip, but I almost never hop it. I fish it like a Carolina-rig, and it lets me cover a lot of water.” He typically chooses a Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig in brown or green pumpkin. “It has a real pliable weed guard which is easy for the bass to mash down. Most of the time, I fish it right out of the package, although I might trim the skirt to reduce its profile.” He dresses the jig with a Strike King Rage Tail Craw in green pumpkin or watermelon-red. “Its arms really go flying, and I love that fast fall with lots of action.” Using an Ardent XS 1000 reel spooled with 14- to 16-lb Sunline fluorocarbon, Niggemeyer throws football jigs on a 7’ MH St. Croix casting rod that offers a para- bolic bend and fast (but not extra-fast) tip. This set-up lets him reel down to the bite, then sweep and pull on the hookset.

on the retrieve. It also has a baitkeeper on the back that keeps your trailer in place so you don’t have to fix your bait every cast.” Speaking of trailers, Roumbanis likes the 3” Optimum Double Diamond, a swimbait that makes the jig rock from side to side. The Elite Series pro throws it on braid of 40- to 50-lb test and a 7’ 6” RoumBASStik. Although he will at times burn the swim jig on the surface, Roumbanis prefers to let the fish tell him what they want. As far as colors, his top choices are white on white and white/chartreuse with a yellow or white Double Diamond. “The Double Diamond rigged on a swim jig adds another dimension to fish- ing swimbaits,” Roumbanis states. “You can run it over thick cover, and when you come to a hole in the grass, let it fall. In the summer, I also like to pick colors that match bluegill and pitch it un- der docks.” BW

Okay, let’s be honest. You’ve heard how effective swimming a jig can be. But have you really invested much time in putting it to work? If you’re like most weekend anglers, the answer is probably “no.” Fred Roumbanis says that’s a mistake. “Sometimes, silence is deadly. Plus, the fish haven’t seen it.” Roumbanis claims that swim jigs can be effective from early spring through autumn. He favors the Black Angel Magician Swim Jig in 3/8- and 1/2-oz sizes. “It has a cone-shaped head and hori- zontal line tie,” he notes, “which helps to keep it near the surface

July/August 2009

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