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mum Bait Company Double Dia- Both anglers noted that the ,” r e in a r mond swimbait. technique is well-suited to areas of a no-b d in k ’s it , t s “With other trailers, you get where emergent or patchy aquatic “ To be hone d n a e u iq n an erratic action by pumping the vegetation exist, but by no means is ple tech im s a ’s t “I . id a Lowen s rod,” Roumbanis explained. “But it limited to that circumstance. Pump .” it t u o b a h muc on the Double Diamond, you get it along the edge of boat docks and s think too y u g that same action whether you hold on as fish bolt out to engulf it. It slow roll or burn it.” can be retrieved down the length of Lowen agreed that the Double Dia- a laydown and killed at the very end. glers should avoid going with a jig mond is just “phenomenal because of the It’s also dynamite in open water, and if you that’s too heavy. While many manufactur- kicky, paddly tails,” but both of them will think it’s a largemouth-only technique, ers (including Clemons) offer swim jigs in experiment with different options in prac- you’re sadly mistaken. Both spotted bass 3/8 or ½ ounce sizes, he finds himself most tice to figure out the best choice for that and smallies will just about rip the rod out often reaching for a ¼ ounce or even a 3/16 week. When the Double Diamond is too of your hand, around cover and in open wa- ounce version, which prevents the lure much, Lowen often reverts to a single-tail ter. from getting mired in the cover and allows grub. “It’s a pure reaction bite,” Roumbanis for a particularly tantalizing retrieve action. “Sometimes it’s a Horny Toad or a said. “And if you get a bite (and the fish Speed Craw,” Roumbanis said. “Some- misses) you can throw back and they’ll eat TrAiLers And coLors times a 5-inch Kalin’s (single-tail) grub or it again.” Both Lowen and Roumbanis tailor a Yamamoto twin tail or a Paca Craw.” His Many Alabama anglers like to shake their trailer choice to the conditions at signature jig from Black Angel has a few or pump the rod tip as they retrieve their hand, as dictated by cover and the aggres- extra-long skirt strands that protrude out jig. Others just hold the rod tip high and siveness of the bass on a particular day. the back for extra action. They also contin- steadily wind it in. Lowen uses a variety The key considerations seemed to be bulk ue to pulsate when the lure is at rest. of retrieve techniques and lets the fish tell and action. They tend to keep it simple when it him what they want. “I tell everybody to do Under pressure, both of them men- comes to color: Both like a shad pattern, exactly what they do with a spinnerbait. tioned that one of their favorites is an Opti- You can just throw it and reel it, or hop it or shake it. Every day is different. “

While Lowen said that the technique is simple, he’s a firm believer in matching the right jig to the task. He wouldn’t use a flipping jig where a finesse jig is required, nor would he use a football head jig when trying to penetrate matted vegetation. Sim- ilarly, this presentation requires a precision tool if you want to avoid getting hung up or missing too many strikes. Accordingly, Lowen designed a swim jig for D&L Tackle to meet his needs. “The whole key is having a head that’s hydrody- namic, more of a bullet point than an Arkie- shape,” he explained. “Lots of them have a light wire hook, but mine is really stout,” he continued. Roumbanis has likewise designed a specialized jig for this technique. His signature model, known at the Magician Swim Jig, is manufactured by Black An- gel Jigs. ( Like Lowen’s it features a “cone-shaped head, a gliding shape,” Roumbanis explained. “It has a horizontal line tie, which makes it run true. When you use a vertical tie there’s no counterbalance so it twirls around.” It also has a bait keeper to keep your trailer in place. Otherwise, he said, you’d consis- tently have to spend valuable time re-align- ing your plastic trailer. Clemons also puts a horizontal line tie on his lures, which he says enables it to swim better. But he also cautioned that an-

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Bobby’s Perfect Frog is now available in the new tour- nament winning Fred’s Frog color. This new addition to our lineup comes painted in an unrivaled “BLUEGILL” color and still gives you that bass-catch- ing action that you’ve come to love. Each frog is out- fitted with a Gamkatsu EWG double hook to ensure a premium hook-set. This frog provokes violent strikes and will attract that “kicker” fish needed for success!



July/August 2009