BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 40

because “you are definitely going to catch not only number, but the quality you need.” In highly pressured waters, downsizing can also be the right choice to catch big fish.

Pro Angler Bobby Lane is new to the pro staff. He was impressed with the amount of thought that had gone into the design, the durability of the finish, and the color match to bait fish. But the number one thing that makes them stand out in his mind are the “awesome hooks”. Says Lane, “A lot of baits don’t have the right hook in the right bait.” “I think once you’ve had them in your hands and played around with them a bit, you’ll realize that Ray is just making top quality baits.” On tournament days he reaches for spinnerbaits and jigs for their consistency,

Back at the shop, Moughalian admits that he has “lures on the brain”, and has more ideas than he has time to make. He comes in on the weekends or in the eve- ning and makes a mess of the shop tinker- ing with the latest idea. “So the thing is, we’re all kinda a little bit nuts, the lure de- signer guys. . . for some reason, it’s really weird, we all share that common thread. Our shops are, like, a disaster.” The latest addition is the ‘Viberator’ bladed swim jig, and according to Mougha- lian “It’s probably the best product we’ve ever come out with. We can’t make them fast enough.” Its name comes from the vi-

brating, shaking action it makes as it pulls through the water. It acts similar to a chatterbait with a stainless steel blade, and is designed in a variety of sizes and weights to be used with the silicone skirt or with any soft swimbait body. What else? Well, check out the new 1 1/2 oz. Heavy Duty Spinnerbaits, a new 3/4 oz. size in the popular Deep Runner Spinnerbaits, and an awesome new hyper- realistic bluegill paint color in the Swimbait Hedz - and look for some new weedless swimbait head designs coming out some- time soon. Can’t wait? Everyone seems to agree, you can’t go wrong with the Revenge Spin- nerbait. As Bobby Lane put it: “It’s just an all-around awesome bait on any body of water, anytime of year” BW



July/August 2009