BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 33

Larry Nixon 1999 Mich Top 150 St. Clair

It has been said, that for an angler to be successful as a

tournament fisherman, he must be young in body but old

in mind. Larry Nixon has always been both, that is why he

is a Professional Angler, a role model, an inspiration to

many, a Champion – a Legend of the Sport.

Outside of the Bassmaster Classic, there was no bigger stage than Megabucks, and Nixon owned them.

With $2000 entry fees and a big purse, the Bassmaster Megabucks was the precursor to today’s high stakes events on the Elite Series and FLW Tour. Until that point the winner of a major national event could expect to claim $25,000 to $30,000 for their prize. Megabucks represented one of the single largest paydays available at the time, sometimes topping $100,000. The anglers, that usually numbered more than 200, would start the event on the main portions of a body of water. They would have the opportunity to qualify for the top 10, who would then move on to a final two-day championship round. That championship round would be held on a separate section of the lake that was closed to competitors for the qualifying round. That section of the lake was divided into 10 separate holes that anglers would have to rotate through on a schedule. What this meant was that anglers would have less than an hour to ex- amine the hole, pick out the likely spots for bass to live in and catch them

mr. megABucks

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July/August 2009