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Larry Nixon with Charlie Evans.

EnticE a strikE with a forward gliding action!


Black-Red Flake

Green Pumpkin Candy

This bait offers a full thick body profile that attracts bass looking for a healthy meal and once they bite the salt the live bait scent injection keeps them hanging on.

The Jackall Lures Cover Craw is great for punching through vegetation or other heavy cover but works just as well gliding around in open water.

Green Pumpkin Pepper

June Bug

Pumpkin Pepper

Watermelon Pepper

the sport at the time. Nixon won four Megabucks events, his first in 1988, two in 1990 and another in 1991. No other angler claimed more than one victory in Mega- bucks. Nixon was the first angler to eclipse $1,000,000 in career earnings. He reached that milestone on October 17, 1992 at the Megabucks event at Lake Guntersville, in Alabama. His $30,000 4th place prize put his career total at that time at $1,003,486 with BASS. Several other anglers have fol- lowed in his footsteps; however, he was the first. With all of these accolades and titles, the Bee Branch, Ark. pro is, along with four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn, one of the main inspirations for many of the pros who compete today. The consistent excellence, and the mild man- nered, easily approachable way in which he carried himself led many young anglers to believe they could pursue the casting for cash game as a profession.

Like so many who learn to enjoy fish- ing, Nixon began going bass fishing with his dad, a Baptist Minister, when he was five or six years old. “My dad loved to fish for bass, but he mainly fished for food,” said the 58-year-old pro. “He taught me

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Photo by Dan O ’Sullivan

Watermelon Candy