BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 29

July/August 2009



Photo by Dan O’Sullivan

Like any other major sport, bass fishing has its yardsticks, tools by which anglers are compared to their contemporaries and those generations ahead of and behind them. Larry Nixon may actually be one of those yardsticks, as opposed to an angler who is measured by one. Each professional league, BASS and FLW has its millionaires, anglers who have eclipsed the million dollar mark in their careers. There are those who have done it in FLW, and those who have done it with BASS, but with some research, one finds that only Nixon has done it in both places. At present, only George Co- chran is within striking distance of matching that accomplishment. Nixon’s career BASS earnings total $1,634,858.60 while he has posted $1,138,269 in FLW earnings. What makes his the sum total of his paychecks more impressive is that his single largest payday in 29 years of BASS competition was $109,000, and since 1998, is biggest FLW payday was $200,000. In a career that spans more than 30 years, Nixon has averaged $6,287.92 in 260 Bassmaster en- tries and $11,614 in 98 FLW events fished.

nixon BY The numBers