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hot and starts dropping 1-3 feet on the tules, it’s time to head south to the deeper parts of the lake where tules sprout around rocks. Solar influence certainly affects Delta bass, but does lunar in- fluence. At its western end the Delta links to Suisun Bay (an upper arm of San Francisco Bay) through American Made the Carquinez Strait, thereby cre- ating a tidal environment. That means daily water movement will reposition forage and the predators that leverage these changes for feeding opportunities. Rising tides enable bass to reach deep into vegetation where minnows and crawfish hide, while falling water pulls forage past rocky edges, island tips and other ambush points. “It’s current and tide that positions our fish,” Barrack said. “The bass know exactly when their food is available.” Timing one’s arrival to coincide with an incoming tide’s ad- vancement into an attractive • Advanced Polymer Coating stand of tules often means intercept- W E N ing legions of bass with feeding on their minds. Tules skirted by (aPC) for Maximum dense mats of hydrilla, pepperwort and other aquatic weeds are resistance and provides a cov- especially attractive to bass, as abrasion the outer vegetation super smooth Casting ered low-tide staging area. Fish wait here until rising water grants access to the tules. • Developed to Improve When high tides flood deep tule fields in delta bays, small cuts Upon Conventional often lead to inner ponds with homerun potential. Often just big enough for a single boat to fish hidden weed Fluorocarbon Line mats or rafts of dead tules gathered by wind and tide, these spots are typically hidden



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McCoy In The Winners Circle

Using our new FLUORO100 , McCoy Pro Jason Williamson wins the first stop of the BassMasTer elite series at Lake amistad!

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