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Fred Roumbanis


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Time And Tides

will die back or go dormant 50% of the year. Prob- ably 60% of our tules will stay green 12 months out of the year.” From Clear Lake’s sprawling fields of swaying shoreline stalks, to the Delta’s high “tule berms,” the predictably random composition stands ever di- verse. Tules sprouting from rocky shorelines or the delta’s abundant riprap levees grow in thick walls, while those growing from mud and peat moss along contoured shorelines tend to be noticeably less congested. Barrack prefers tules growing in clumps, with 6-25 stalks emerging from a single stump. However, he notes that bass may tuck themselves behind the most modest of structure. “They don’t have to have a ton of cover,” he said. “They just need something to sit behind. I’ve seen them where they just have their eyes behind one stalk.” For optimal coverage, narrow your search by seeking the sweet spots where bass can hunker down and wait for food. Breaks in tule lines funnel current and create natural feed- ing stations, while tules flanking the mouths of creeks and sloughs offer slam-dunk poten- tial – especially during spawning season.

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Scott Green, Sales Manager at Marine Unlimited Ranger Boats Dealership in Santa Rosa, CA, said the best times to fish the Clear Lake tules are from the early spring when the stalks are flooded through the spawn and into summer. When the summer water gets too

The Ima Skimmer is a slim profile walking bait with a lot of presence. An extra long casting plug that gracefully skims the surface, but announces its presence with authority; bass can’t resist Skimmer!” 4-1/2” long and 3/8 oz.



July/August 2009