BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 14

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Greg Hackney, Bassmaster Elite Series pro


my business – professional bass fishing – earning a living is all about catching weight. It’s fine to catch bass, but if you want to eat regularly you’d better hook the big ones. That’s why I like to fish frogs. There’s probably no other lure avail- able that’ll sort out small bass for you quicker than a frog. The reasons for this are complex, and known mostly to the fish. Suffice it to say, however, that frog bass are different. That difference begins with attitude. When a lunker bass slashes at a frog he or she isn’t just eating – they’re attacking. It’s as if the frog will taste better if it’s com- pletely crushed, mutilated and destroyed. Or, maybe they take a perverse pride in be- ing the cruelest bass in the water. The funny thing about that attitude is that it isn’t dependent upon the absolute size of the bass. It’s dependent upon the relative size of the bass. If the biggest ones living in the lake are 2 pounders then those are the ones that’ll go after a frog. But, if the biggest ones in the lake are 10 pound- ers then they’re the ones eating them.



July/August 2009