BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 12

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Jarrett Edwards

FILMING: Full Steam ahead!


it just me or has this entire year flown by? I remember being six- teen and all the teachers in high school would tell us to enjoy every second of summer break because when you get older they go by quicker. Wow that state- ment has been true so far this year. Speak- ing and tank engagements, appearances and filming and production, travel and so much more! All in all we are ecstatic about launching sea- son 2 of Jarrett Edwards Out- doors National TV. We are here for you – you live out west and want to see fishing on your home lake with top shelf anglers in cutting HD t e c h n o l o g y, please look no further!

Season 2 has us starting at my home Lake Powell. Lake Powell as a fishery has transformed into one of the West coast premiere fish- eries with 16- 18 pound limits being the norm. Many of you are saying what happened to the fishery compared to 5 years ago when 11 pounds would win most one day events? Bottom line is the water is expected to rise another 51 feet by July for the sec- ond year in a row. This allows tons of flooded brush allowing awesome cover for the record shad population to boom. We started early in March for one show catching them on floating jerk baits then we switch gears to late March and catch


them on Senkos. This particular show was very special to me as the bass were first starting to move up from the winter and we were able to land a smallmouth over 5 pounds, just 1 ounce off of the lake record. It was neat having the underwater divers on hand to capture live shots of fishing eating the baits – I never get tired of watching those shots!

won nearly $200,000.00 out of the back of the boat. Not bad for being only 23 years old!

From the Delta we were off to Clear Lake and as to be expected this lake has not let anyone down! While here we filmed with Former editor of Bass West USA Tom Leogrande as he put us on some nice swim bait and flip fish. Tom is a great guy who shared a wealth of knowl- edge on this lake, maybe too much knowledge if you talk to some! Of course you can’t mention Clear Lake without fishing with one of the masters, Mark Crutcher. If you have never met Mark you are really miss- ing out. A Cali- fornia Highway Patrolman by day and an awesome angler who will take a bunch of your money come tourney day on the weekend! Mark is a great guy who put us onto the finesse side of swim baits at Clear Lake. Can you say 10 pound bass on 5 pound test! This show is going to be awesome! We also travel to the Co- lumbia River and many more awesome west coast destinations. Man oh man I just began this column and am about out of space. Make sure and catch sea- son 2 of JEO on The World Fishing Net- work HD on Dish Network Channel 394 beginning July 15th. Thanks for reading and shoot us a message at our website at! BW

For the next few shows we headed to the California Delta and filmed a couple of great shows with Bobby Barrack and young fish slayer Justin Lucas. As to be expected with Bobby we frogged them up good and he gives awesome tips on back up baits to the frog and when to throw them. Switching gears over to Justin Lucas we also filmed on the Delta and Justin gives viewers some awesome tips on catching them out of the back of the boat consistently. He knows as he has


July/August 2009